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GatesHudson dramatically increases property management efficiency metrics 5X with NetVendor Maintenance tools

GatesHudson Dramatically Increases Property Management Efficiency Metrics 5X With NetVendor Maintenance Tools 5X metrics improvements Better reports and insights 80%+ team adoption

Better Multifamily Inspections: How to Go Digital

It seems that every Multifamily operator is going through a “paperless” initiative, or at least has one planned. One of the paper-based processes that is high on the list for early conversion is the periodic inspections that pretty much every…

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New Feature: ServusInspections

Never lose track of details or paperwork again. Introducing Digital Inspections. Ditch paper and perform simple and easy-to-use multifamily property maintenance inspections with ServusInspections by ServusConnect!   What ServusInspections…

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Press Release: NetVendor Acquires ServusConnect

NetVendor Acquires ServusConnect TUALATIN, OR and RALEIGH, NC – NetVendor, a leading provider of vendor management and compliance monitoring software to property managers in the United States, has acquired ServusConnect, a provider of maintenance…

Two apartment residents receiving mobile phone messages about maintenance work being done on their building.

New Features: ServusMessages Expanded!

We know how important it is to get the word out to employees, contractors, and residents at a moment’s notice. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our new ServusMessage updates! How to Use ServusMessages

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New and Improved Servus Request On-Hold Features

SERVUS REQUEST “ON-HOLD” WAS A HIT… so we made it even better. In early 2020, ServusConnect launched several COVID-related features to assist with protecting the health and safety of Property Management Teams (including Service…

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Let's Talk Analytics

ServusConnect’s customer reporting, specific analytics, and customizable dashboards can be a real gamechanger for property performance and resident satisfaction. Why is this so important? We all know that residents make the world go round… wait…

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Taking Action While Boosting Your Resident Experience

As we settle into Q2 we are excited about our progress and look forward to continuing to help our industry automate their maintenance processes. For most of us 2020 was a train wreck, and we saw that it exposed a lot of issues for property…

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Latest Addition to Our Portfolio: Harbor Group

The team here at ServusConnect is excited to announce that Harbor Group Management has joined our portfolio of valued clients! Harbor Group, based in Norfolk, VA, owns and operates over 40,000 units of residential apartment communities, valued at…

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Designing a Better Maintenance Dashboard

The team here at ServusConnect is super-stoked to announce the release of our redesigned dashboard - or, v3, as we've been calling it! This new dashboard is the culmination of 5 years of learnings, working closely with multifamily maintenance…

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5 Keys to Unlocking The Potential of Multifamily Maintenance Data

As much as multifamily has become data-driven, there are a few major areas of operation that still operate in the dark from a data perspective.   Multifamily Maintenance Operations is one of them.   The reasons why vary, but the primary…

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3 Simple Incentive Programs for Multifamily Maintenance Technicians

There is no doubt we are living in a data-driven world - and multifamily has always loved its data! Using property or regional performance data to evaluate and incentivize property management staff is well-worn using metrics such as lease quotas,…

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Why Real-Time Language Translation Matters in Multifamily Maintenance

Pressures On The Multifamily Job Market We are all familiar with the US economic recovery over the past few years. Increased corporate economic development is resulting in growing GDP and increased consumer confidence. The net result, at the end of…

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Multifamily Budget Season: 4 Ways To Use Maintenance Data for Smarter Decisions

Property management budgeting season is typically not the highlight of multifamily managers' annual calendar. Off-sites, bootcamps, late nights, endless spreadsheets, stacks of reports to filter through...ugh. A thorough, well-crafted budget often…

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Think your multifamily maintenance staff can't learn tech? Think again

The thought of giving your multifamily maintenance technicians something new to learn, especially technology, is not a hill many apartment operators want to climb. Why is this? Our knee jerk reaction is to think about the tech who still has a…

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4 Reasons to Apply Technology to Apartment Maintenance

If you are in the multifamily apartment business, you know this drill: A resident drops by the office, calls in, or logs into their resident portal to report an issue. When they can get to it, a staff member promptly logs the issue into their…