so we made it even better.

In early 2020, ServusConnect launched several COVID-related features to assist with protecting the health and safety of Property Management Teams (including Service Technicians and Vendors) as well as Residents. Building on the success of the Servus Request On-Hold feature, ServusConnect is releasing a major update to further enhance this feature.

Dashboard Widget

Easily keep track of all the On-Hold Servus Requests in our brand-new dashboard widget.

Expiration & Reroute Selection

Set an optional expiration date for when the Servus Request should be automatically removed from On-Hold.

You can also reroute the Servus Request to a different Service Professional if needed.

Resident Notifications

Select a pre-canned (or custom) message to the Resident to give them an update on the status of the Servus Request.

Reasons & Tags

Select a reason for placing the Servus Request On-Hold and Auto-Tag Requests for easy organization.


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