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Frequently Asked Questions

NetVendor is a vendor credentialing service provider. We provide additional due diligence per vendor, such as verifying the individual/business through the IRS system, criminal background checks, insurance, business license checks, and more.

NetVendor offers a user-friendly web tool that allows you to enroll and view your compliance status with Property Management Companies. Here are some significant benefits for you that come with the NetVendor partnership:

  • NetVendor stores all your insurance documents in a common place.
  • Any Company working with NetVendor will be able to see your company in the vendor listing, which increases your company’s visibility and can lead to potential new contracts.
  • NetVendor works directly with your insurance agent on your behalf.
  • NetVendor will communicate with your insurance provider throughout the year.

If you are interested in becoming an approved vendor to offer your goods or services to one of our partners, please call us at 503-922-1111 ext. 2.

Please provide the property management company or contractor that you are wanting to enroll with. With that information, we will be able to send you the corresponding enrollment link for that specific company.

To become a vendor, you must complete our online enrollment process, which should only take about 30 minutes. The enrollment will ask you for basic information, including W9 information, company information, your insurance agent contact information, and background screening information. The annual enrollment fee is generally $49-$149 per property management company or contractor, if applicable.

Once you are enrolled, we will contact your insurance agent via email and phone to obtain the required certificates of insurance. Once we receive your certificates of insurance and they meet the property management company’s requirements, you will be compliant (or approved).

NetVendor’s service and technology allow for almost all our documents to be reviewed within 24 hours after your agent submits them to us. If the certificate is submitted incorrectly, an email is sent back to your insurance agent explaining why the document needs to be revised. This is the main reason why documents do not get approved immediately.

NetVendor only accepts certificates from insurance agents and/or producers. This is done to ensure the validity of each document submitted.

All requirements are set by the property management company’s/contractor’s corporate office. If you would like a copy of the requirements, please contact us directly. We will provide you with a copy of the insurance requirements for all lines.

Please note that we do not force any vendor to change their insurance if they do not want to, however, they must meet or exceed the limits to be approved.  All suppliers should achieve “compliant” (or approved) status before beginning a working relationship with one or more of their managed properties, ensuring quality service before, during, and after work is complete.

If you are unable to meet one or more of the insurance requirements, you will not be considered an approved vendor and will not be able to do business with the property management company. NetVendor simply implements the requirements on behalf of the property owners.

NetVendor requests that all certificates come from your insurance agent directly. We email your insurance agents on your behalf to obtain your certificates. If the email for your insurance agent has changed, please either call or email us to provide us with the new email address.

There are costs that NetVendor incurs in contacting your agent(s) prior to the expiration of your policy(ies) and reviewing the certificates of insurance to make certain that they meet the property management company’s requirements. NetVendor works on your behalf to keep your insurance from lapsing/expiring so that you can go about the business of providing goods or services for the property management company. There are times that a certificate your agent submits needs multiple revisions before it is acceptable by the property management company’s standards. NetVendor does the legwork for you and keeps you informed of the status.

Yes, NetVendor will send you an email notifying you when you become compliant.

Once a certificate is approved within the NetVendor system, the updated status will be reflected on the website immediately.

NetVendor is only involved in verifying and tracking insurance coverage. All questions regarding servicing a property should be directed to the client contact, typically the property manager.

NetVendor is not involved in the payment of invoices and all questions regarding invoices should be directed to the project management company or typically the property manager.

NetVendor does not do any invoicing. Please contact the property management company to inquire about their invoicing methods.

Your vendor ID is specific to you. It also helps the NetVendor customer service representative locate your account information more quickly.

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