GatesHudson Dramatically Increases Property Management Efficiency Metrics 5X With NetVendor Maintenance Tools


metrics improvements


reports and insights


team adoption

Company Details: 

Unit Management Size: 23,400 units
Area: Washington, DC, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland
Employees: 500
Established: 1978

What they love about NetVendor Maintenance:
• Easy-to-use apps and tools
• Strong reporting and analytics/insights
• Proactive support and communication

GatesHudson has never lost a property.

Over 44 + years managing hundreds of 100-750 unit properties across the DC, MD, West Virginia and Virginia area, they’ve built a decades deep reputation on effective, proactive performance — no owner has walked away from a GatesHudson relationship. 

They’re well known for helping turn around distressed properties, with strong, experienced teams and rock-solid performance for owners and tenants alike.

Their performance standards are very high, for themselves, their teams, and their tools. 

Efficient and effective tools and processes matter. 


The Challenge:

Underpowered property management system (PMS) tools, underwhelming data and insights.

The stock maintenance management tools that came with GatesHudson’s PMS software were falling short. They needed better on-site performance — easier to use, online everywhere —  and better data and insights reporting. 


“The problem was that they needed a constant connection; you’d do an inspection, then lose all the work you just did because it couldn’t work offline,” says Jonathan Shymonik, GatesHudson’s Senior Maintenance Director of Operation.

Clunky reporting tools were also hard to read, poorly formatted and unreliable. Increasingly, the stock PMS tools were dragging down efficiency across their efforts.


The Solution:

Better interfaces, better reports, increased efficiency.

To replace those underpowered tools, they shortlisted NetVendor Maintenance and a larger competitor. NetVendor immediately impressed GatesHudson: “their people were great, the tools were smart — perfectly sized for us — and the reports were just amazing,” notes Jonathan. 

The GatesHudson team was particularly impressed with the ease-of-use in both the mobile app for work order tracking and inspections, and the real-time reporting tools



NetVendor's been like night and day compared to how we were doing things.

- GatesHudson's Senior Maintenance Director of OperationS

“Our guys LOVE the app; so easy to use. Plus, it works offline. Before, we’d do an inspection, then lose all the data since the other app would glitch connecting,” says Jonathan.

“Now, they can complete inspections, take photos, manage tickets from the NetVendor app, anywhere and everywhere,” he notes. He adds since everyone’s working on the same system, NetVendor Maintenance gives them flexibility moving teams between properties as needed. 

On the back-office side, Jonathan raves about collaboration with NetVendor. “From the toolset to the people, NetVendor is perfectly sized for us,” he raves. 

From seamless integration and onboarding through to deep ongoing support, “their people are just remarkable; always responsive.”


He notes that the analytics and reporting tools give his team great insight on their operations throughput. 

During integration, NetVendor’s teams custom built some tools to solve a specific GatesHudson need. “They always take our ideas and share their product roadmaps with us; we know what they’re working on which is great to see,” he says. 

“You’re looking at a company in NetVendor that’s going to be there for you — they do what they have to do every time to make it work. It’s a huge help for us staying ahead of what we need to,” Jonathan concludes.


Easily a 5X improvement on efficiency meterics vs our previous tools.

The Results

We get ROI because we're just working a lot more efficiently.


metrics improvements

In every measure, NetVendor Maintenance is more efficient vs. stock tools, from inspections through to ticket processing. “Easily a 5X improvement over the previous tools — and night and day vs. the old paper days.” He notes the cost vs. the “free” tools is more than made up with the gained efficiencies.



Reports and Insights

“I cannot say enough about the reports; great insights, fantastic formats, so easy to read,” notes Jonathan. Beyond the property data, NetVendor also gives him great insight on individual performers; teams doing great, and teams needing extra attention.


Enthusiastic team adoption

GatesHudson teams have embraced the tools, even training each other on it. Teams love how “everything just works,” with nothing lost even when offline. There was even an impromptu “Snow Removal Ticket” competition last winter, with teams using the tool to show off their work. 

Jonathan reports that 80%+ of GatesHudson teams use the app, with usage growing.


NetVendor's size and personal touch is vital to us; they're growing like us, and we feel like they 'get' us as a partner, not just a command/reply vendor.

- GatesHudson's Senior Maintenance Director of OperationS

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