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Maintenance is a deep domain, and it can be a guessing game, with a lack of transparency and accountability. Let us help you manage the health and lifecycle of your assets with ServusInsights, a customized approach to managing your properties from anywhere, anytime.

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Custom Dashboards

Enjoy easy to understand visuals of all your maintenance data. See how your service cycle times and resident feedback scores trend over time and much, much more!

Property Operators Dashboard

“Get into the weeds” on maintenance data for a specific property with filters to isolate specific timeframes, technicians or categories.

Unit Flag Dashboard

The Unit Flag dashboard allows regional managers to see how & where flags have been added by maintenance techs (ie. Dogs, alarms, smart-home, health conditions, etc.)

Regional Dashboard

Managers can see KPIs, “red light/green light” notifications, service cycle times, resident feedback, and more, with current operational information as well as specific historical data.


“ServusConnect provided us with customized robust reporting.”

Not only did ServusConnect satisfy our needs with site service staff, but from a corporate standpoint it provided a robust reporting piece we could customize to measure the metrics that were important to us.”

– Gary Triplett, | Hawthorne
VP of Corporate & Resident Services

Cartoon of property manager reviewing dashboard of make readies, property operations, and resident feedback


Easy Search Filters

With pre-configured dashboard options & filtering capabilities in ServusInsights, RM’s can easily zoom in and out of their portfolio’s maintenance data. Property operations, Make-ready operations, executive summaries, resident feedback, and more.


Resident Engagement Statistics

Our resident feedback dashboard features a great top-down view of survey statistics (open rates, engagement, send rates, etc) that will help you ask the right questions and improve your online property reputation.

Cartoon of property managers celebrating positive resident feedback
Cartoon of property maintenance manager looking at analytics, reporting, and data


Service Professional Statistics

Get service stats for both your on-staff & outsourced vendor service professionals. You can even export all your SP stats into a CSV or XLS file for further analysis.


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