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Getting started with NetVendor Maintenance is easy! First, let’s schedule time with your team to learn about your challenges, goals and vision for property maintenance.

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How It Works

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Kick Off Meeting

First, the NetVendor Maintenance team will meet with your VPs and operational teams to determine your challenges and needs, and assess your maintenance workflows. From there, we can tailor your use of the NetVendor Maintenance system to fit your needs to solve your problems.


Create a Roadmap

Our provisioning team works with your team to sync all of your software and solutions. We then create a roadmap and set up a project plan. We help with data gathering for all of your users, provision all your users, give people instructions on how to get logged in, and run your training (both live and video contact), in-app helpers, video tutorials, etc.

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Integrate Your PMS Solutions

NetVendor Maintenance integrates with your PMS system to ensure automated workflow, and sync all of your data.


We Train Your Team

We provide in-house training, taking the burden off your trainers, and also offer ongoing training for your onsite teams for as long as you are a client. We are proud to say that we have a 95% adoption rate and app engagement post-training.

Property managers looking at maintenance analytics dashboard.