Vendor Compliance & Maintenance Operations

We are a team dedicated to leveraging the power of the internet to revolutionize property management and the vendor credentialing process.


Complete Digital Solution

A simple, consumable digital solution for people in the field to document and track work

Transparency for Everyone

Transparency for owners, operators and investors regarding performance and assets


A way to communicate effectively with residents and technicians. Improved communication between property managers and accounting teams.

Enjoy Better Data

A way to streamline the tedious data entry associated with managing large vendor pools. Better maintenance data. Better compliance data.

Cartoon of property managers using multifamily analytics dashboard

About Us

The NetVendor upper management team has nearly 100 combined years in property management (12 years), financial (25+ years), insurance (7 years), background screening (25+ years), vendor (12 years), and technology (13 years) industries. At NetVendor, we are a team dedicated to leveraging the power of the Internet to revolutionize the property management and vendor credentialing process. Having been a vendor and paying the competition, NetVendor has a deep understanding of the pains associated with the credentialing process.

NetVendor acquired ServusConnect, Inc., in 2022, to expand their services to property maintenance. ServusConnect was originally founded in August 2014 as AGM and Associates, LLC to address the lack of technology and innovation being applied to maintenance operations in commercial real estate.

In 2016, the company focused its technology innovation to specifically serve the unique operational maintenance needs of the multifamily apartment industry in the US. ServusConnect strives to develop and provide technology innovations that improve service speed, quality and utilization for maintenance operations for our property management clients.



We build industry leading products.

Empowering today’s property management companies, vendors and contractors is our number one focus. With our unique one-of-a-kind solution, these parties can become more efficient as it relates to vendor compliance by streamlining, organizing and managing these processes online with our proprietary innovative compliance solution. And, with our fully digital property maintenance platform, ServusConnect, PMCs can streamline their entire maintenance workflow and get insights into every aspect of the process.


We make your job easier.

It’s time to stop talking and start improving your process for vendor compliance and property maintenance – and we’ll be here with you from first conversation to full user adoption and ongoing support.

  • 95% Adoption Rate by Teams
  • Solves Understaffing Issues
  • ZERO Complicated Setups
  • Saves Time & Money


We know how multifamily works.

We understand that managing vendors is tough: from finding compliant vendors, to maintaining, paying, communicating and invoicing – it’s a full time job!

  • We reduce paperwork so you can focus on what you love
  • We make it easy to work with third party vendors
  • We align maintenance and vendor compliance