ServusConnect is now

ServusConnect has a new name: NetVendor Maintenance

We are proud to announce that ServusConnect is now NetVendor Maintenance. ServusConnect joined the NetVendor family in 2022, and now we’re unifying our services under one name.

You’ll see the new NetVendor Maintenance name within the app, but the product will continue to provide you with all the features you’ve come to rely on for optimizing multifamily maintenance, including:

  • service requests/work orders
  • digital make ready boards
  • digital inspections
  • maintenance analytics

And, we’re not changing the user interface. NetVendor Maintenance will remain easy-to-use for property managers and maintenance technicians.

Questions about the ServusConnect name change?

If you have questions about ServusConnect being renamed NetVendor Maintenance, email us at support@servusconnect.com. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and to help you find new ways to optimize your multifamily maintenance operations.

If you’re not already a NetVendor Maintenance customer, learn more about how our multifamily property maintenance software works and how it can help you.

NetVendor can also help you reduce vendor risk

NetVendor Maintenance is just one way we help you manage your properties more efficiently. For more than a decade, NetVendor has been helping property management companies reduce vendor risk and save hours every week. We ensure your vendors meet your compliance / credentialing / insurance requirements — at no cost to you. We also make it easy for you to find vendors who perform the services you need.

With NetVendor, you get an easy-to-use software solution plus the expertise of licensed insurance professionals who review certificates of insurance. We integrate with your property management software and can easily set different requirements for different vendor types to help you manage risk. We also perform background checks and TIN checks, and we keep track of 1099 data for you.

When you choose NetVendor to manage vendor credentialing, you empower your teams to focus on income-producing tasks rather than chasing down vendor paperwork. Learn more about how NetVendor works by visiting our vendor compliance and management page.