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Taking Action While Boosting Your Resident Experience

As we settle into Q2 we are excited about our progress and look forward to continuing to help our industry automate their maintenance processes. For most of us 2020 was a train wreck, and we saw that it exposed a lot of issues for property management companies, drawing their attention to areas of improvement such as online applicant & prospecting tools and resident portals & payments.

Most companies have already adjusted their operational needs, and we are now seeing a shift within their agenda to focus on maintenance initiatives. Instead of concentrating on traffic and leasing numbers, we are seeing property management companies focus their attention on how to better serve their current residents.

Asking the questions of,

  • How can we streamline our maintenance operations and remove the bottlenecks?
  • How can we keep our residents happier longer?
  • How can we engage/communicate with our residents better?
  • How can we improve our maintenance data to make better NOI decisions?

A bad maintenance experience is one of the top reasons’ residents move out. So how can property management companies change this and give their maintenance operations a new look & feel, both internally and externally? This is where ServusConnect can help. We focus on three key areas below:

Resident Journey

We know that maintenance plays an important role in the resident experience. Good maintenance leads to good resident relations. So, with that in mind, we created a way for onsite teams to communicate directly with residents and internal teams, but we don’t stop there. In addition to resident and internal communication we also give residents the option to leave an online review about their maintenance experience. This gives residents a way for their voice to be heard during this process. Online surveys are not new, but what you do with their feedback, and what that process looks like, is the key. Our survey process has a systematic filtering capability based on the resident feedback. We will auto convert high scored reviews to Google to help improve your property reputation. Anything less is escalated directly to your management teams to take further action. This helps resolve any issues so that those issues do not fester and potentially hurt your property reputation and occupancy.

Employee Focus

So, let’s shift our attention from residents to employees and talk a little bit about how our data can help. How can we motivate maintenance employees, and how can we gather rich accurate data to help make better business decisions? With our operations data, property management companies can empower their employees with performance incentive programs to increase performance, and accountability. This allows management teams to wrap their head around what’s going on within their portfolio at the site level.


Our analytics is by far like no other in our industry. With key insights and metrics that are available right at your fingertips, we’re able to drill down into granular data to help understand performance levels and help bridge the gap between time and efficiency. We not only look at your technicians’ performance but also at the health of each asset to gain visibility into what’s urgent, what’s happening today and help forecast what’s in the future.

So, if you’re experiencing any trouble with what we’ve just described, reach out to us! We promise we won’t try to hard sell you on anything, but we promise we WILL do our best to help reach your maintenance goals.