Did you make it to Ascend 2021?

Here are some of our takeaways…

The ServusConnect team had so much fun hanging with our MRI colleagues during Ascend 2021! Here are a few quick tidbits of what we learned during the conference.

1. “Great experiences are driven by interactions” – MRI Team

We couldn’t agree more! At ServusConnect we believe in great communication, not only for resident engagement through automated messaging and notifications but also for employees by streamlining property maintenance.

2. “Mobile is the future!”

Yes! This is our mantra at ServusConnect! From residents who can engage with property managers via text, to service providers who can take care of work orders from their phone, we believe in the power of mobile.

ServusConnect Pricing
3. “Great analytics is the key to success”

Our analytics and reporting tool, ServusInsights, is empowering property managers, maintenance teams and executives to get a holistic view of their portfolio. Now they can see what’s happening with properties, predict upcoming issues, and make better business decisions.



Train performed, and that was amazing. But even more amazing…our fearless leader, Jamie Wohlschlegel, took a moment to sing a bit of “Let Her Cry” by Hootie & the Blowfish for us.

5. Conferences have swag, and we got some extra!

Schedule a Demo & Get Free Swag!

Our team snuck around the conference and shamelessly collected candy and swag to make “exclusive” Post-Event Swag Boxes (that even include a free customized Yeti!).

We’ve got a few left, and we’ll send you one if you schedule a virtual demo with our team before November 30!