As states consider and start to implement pandemic lockdowns reductions, it is important for all of us to remember that COVID-19 still represents a severe public health risk and contact tracing exposures will be critical in the country’s longterm approach to containing & reducing the spread of the virus.

A few weeks ago, the team here at ServusConnect produced a training exposure & contact tracing protocol infographic in support of a Multifamily Insiders webinar we sponsored, Mastering Maintenance: COVID-19 Pandemic Plan for Maintenance*.

Presenter and National Maintenance & Safety Trainer for Monarch Investment & Management Group, Angel Devila, did a really nice job using the infographic to articulate the risk of exposure within an apartment community and importance of maintaining appropriate social distancing when responding to Resident Service Requests.

After being inundated with requests for copies of the infographic for use as a training tool, we decided to make it more easily available :-). Our COVID-19 Contact Tracing Infographic for Multifamily covers two relevant scenarios:

  1. Maintenance team member with no COVID-19 symptoms reports to work, performs several resident service requests and interacts with other team members in the office. They socially distance in some interactions, but not in others. Day-2, they develop symptoms and test positive for COVID-19.
  2. Similar to the first, except this time one of the residents the maintenance worker visited on Day-1 becomes symptomatic on Day-2 and test positive for COVID-19.

The Day-2 section highlights the contact tracing, subsequent notifications, and actions recommended to protect multifamily communities from further outbreak.

Disclaimer: we are not doctors, but we did work with a physician to develop this infographic. That said, we offer this illustration as an awareness & training resource in our ongoing efforts to provide relevant resources for the multifamily community.

We hope this is valuable resource and if you think so, please share it with your colleagues. Just click on the button below to download a free, non-paywall PDF copy. Stay safe, stay smart!

Download COVID-19 Contact Tracing Infographic

(*If your maintenance teams are looking for a detailed overview of PPE, how to use it and how to disinfect contaminated areas, you can access a recording of Multifamily Insiders webinar here.)