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What we do

Simple, we have the proprietary process and technology to process documents and COIs more quickly, effectively, and accurately while providing other valuable add-ons to your organization to help you focus on more income producing tasks while we chase your paper and reduce your risk.
Online vendor registration
Another key to NetVendor's success is our easy vendor enrollment process. Enrolling is simple for the vendors with innovative technology making it an easy process to enroll, complete electronic documents, and implement our automated vendor tracking system.
Customer service
Outside of our unrivaled technology, a close second is the amount of effort that goes into ensuring we have the people and systems in place to execute on our internal goals. Ask us about our SLAs and how important they are to us.
Reporting & integration
The NetVendor platform has advanced reporting capabilities to deliver your vendor data to you how and when you want it. The NetVendor platform also has many GL accounting integration partners including Yardi, AMSI, MRI, ResMan, Entrata, and Caliber to name a few.

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NetVendor’s full service solution

NetVendor does all the day-to-day activities associated with requesting and managing certificates of insurance on your behalf, based on your specifications and requirements. You maintain control. We utilize our proprietary process and technology to process the overwhelming number of insurance documents, so you have time to focus on more income producing tasks!

NetVendor provides

  • Stand alone call center & document processing
  • Bi-lingual support staff
  • Licensed insurance agents
  • Ongoing training
  • Auditing capabilities
Risk management
  • Custom online vendor enrollment
  • Collection, tracking & storage of COIs, vendor agreements & W9s, flexible insurance requirements
  • Document processing in less than 1 business day
  • Unlimited logins for all your staff
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • Direct communication with insurance agents
  • Full archive and backup of vendor data
Tracking & monitoring
  • Live customer service representatives
  • Digital document capture
  • Automated document processing
  • Alerts for COI deficiencies
  • Immediate notifications for approval status
  • Add/remove/edit vendor records
  • Tin check & other vendor screening
  • Vendor review capabilities
  • Unlimited document storage
  • Multi-property/portfolio view
  • Advanced search/filtering
  • Automated compliance verification
  • Activity log of vendor actions
  • No Cost or Co-op

You provide

Onboarding support
  • Your insurance requirements
  • Your company logo
  • Your vendor information

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