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NetVendor acquires ServusConnect

TUALATIN, OR and RALEIGH, NC – NetVendor, a leading provider of vendor management and compliance monitoring software to property managers in the United States, has acquired ServusConnect, a provider of maintenance operations and analytics software to multifamily property managers.
ServusConnect supports multifamily property managers through its digital maintenance operation solution which provides tools for work order management, mobile maintenance applications, digital inspections, make-ready functionality, resident engagement, and comprehensive managerial analytics. ServusConnect was founded in 2014 with the intention of improving collaboration between property managers and service professionals through easy onboarding and workflow simplicity.
“By bringing together these two innovative companies, we have created a truly unique offering for property operations in the real estate market,” said Dave Cooper, CEO of NetVendor. “We are significantly elevating the value benefit for clients and the market by providing property managers a simple, integrated solution for optimizing vendor relationships, managing and tracking operations, maximizing resident satisfaction, and analyzing and improving performance.”
In addition to deepening NetVendor’s presence in the multifamily property management market, the acquisition of ServusConnect enhances NetVendor’s product roadmap. The combined NetVendor and ServusConnect solutions create a powerful and unique platform which enables property managers to find, qualify, manage, and analyze their third-party vendors and contractors.
“We are beyond excited about this transaction, how it will benefit our clients and partners, and the ways it will further fulfill our vision to make all things maintenance operations as simple and easy as possible for multifamily clients,” said Jamie Wohlschlegel, Founder and CEO of ServusConnect.
About ServusConnect
Founded in 2014, ServusConnect is a provider of Software-as-a-Service-based maintenance operations solutions to the property management industry. ServusConnect helps property managers streamline their maintenance workflows and enables better collaboration between property managers, service professionals, and residents. For more information, visit
About NetVendor
Founded in 2011, NetVendor is a provider of Software-as-a-Service-based credentialing and compliance solutions to help property management companies track and monitor their vendor networks. By streamlining critical vendor management workflows, NetVendor helps property managers save time, reduce risk, and more effectively manage geographically dispersed vendor networks across multifamily, commercial, student housing, affordable housing, senior living and HOA properties. For more information, visit

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