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Dave Cooper

Chief Executive Officer

Dave Cooper is our CEO at NetVendor. Dave has a passion for using technology to improve quality of life, business outcomes, and to drive value for all that we serve. He has over 25 years of leadership in the software industry. Dave came to NetVendor from Personify where he was the Chief Technology Officer. Under his leadership the company delivered solutions to manage, operate and optimize many of the largest nonprofit organizations in existence. Dave has held senior leadership positions in various software companies, assisting them through extraordinary growth, successful acquisitions, and IPOs. His experience includes successful leadership roles at Personify, Rockwell Software, Pavilion Technologies, TenFold, Novell, and WordPerfect. He founded a consulting firm that provides strategic technology consulting to software businesses to help them transform their products, deliver value and drive growth. Dave got an early start to his career when, at age 14, he founded a software company that developed solutions for NASA and later expanded across the government sector. That business grew rapidly and was acquired a few years later.
Dave enjoys traveling, spending time with his family, being at the beach, and participating in physical activities on the water or in the mountains.




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