Everything seems to be “smart” these days. Locks, speakers, thermostats, lights, TVs, register vents, refrigerators, faucets, security systems, cameras….the list goes on!

There are plenty of options in the market for multifamily apartment operators to offer “smart” amenities.

Chasing after every smart-home consumer gadget to attract residents might be a zero-sum game, especially considering how fast Google, Amazon, Nest, Iris, etc. push out new models, features and functionality. The device(s) you outfit your apartments with this year, can easily put you behind next year when consumers are looking for the next best thing!

So how do you get ahead, and stay ahead, offering technology as an amenity? …perhaps creating a software interface to all of this new and ever-changing smart technology may be the next best thing.

ServusConnect CEO, Jamie Wohlschlegel, was recently a guest on MRI Software’s “Building Success: a Real Estate Podcast” and talks about technology-as-an-amenity, voice, the software interface to this technology, and how multifamily apartment operators can leverage it to show real value to residents.

You can link to that podcast here: