The ServusConnect team had a blast meeting many of you face-to-face (finally!) at Apartmentalize in Chicago last week! Here is what we took away from the conference sessions and meetups.

1. Virtual Maintenance Management is Ramping Up

The “Virtually Unstoppable – Managing Properties from Anywhere” session provided a glimpse into the future of Maintenance Management by outlining some innovative approaches to keep maintenance moving during COVID and how some of these techniques & technologies are here to stay.

We’re on board with this sentiment and have been working on some exciting innovations around Resident Maintenance DIY. Let us know if you want a peak!


2. Hiring & Retaining Maintenance Team Members Will Continue to be Difficult

Maintenance team member turnover is said to be in the +40% range this year and every operator we spoke to at the conference is feeling this statistic.

Ease of training is going to continue to be critical for this team member persona, including the mobile app you give them to track & manage their service requests. The good news is that the ServusConnect Team is pretty good at that!

3. Our Analytics & Plan View Inspections Were a Hit!

At Apartmentalize, everyone wanted to talk about ServusInsights, which provides game-changing insights & reporting into maintenance operations.

We also launched our Plan View Inspection tool, which allows you to see & annotate unit floorplans and property maps, make notes in each room, with specific instructions, upload pictures, and more.


4. Most Innovative Product at the Expo

While there’s no shortage of “furnace filter changing” policies & practices, it has always been a pain to manage & track replacements!

We were blown away by the furnace filter subscription service, Second Nature, and their new foldable furnace filters. Small enough to ship directly to residents and includes instructions!


5. It’s really good to be F2F again!

Everyone was excited to have in-person chats and we realized how much we’ve missed that priceless face-to-face conversation with our partners, customers, and colleagues. We’re definitely looking forward to our next opportunity to do it again!


Let’s Talk Property Maintenance

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