The COVID-19 virus is creating disruption and risk for multifamily operators everywhere.

A few weeks ago we started to review and consider what it is we should be doing now, later, and longer-term. The features & details below detail work done to date by our team in response to the threat posed by the COVID-19 outbreak to multifamily maintenance operations.

We don’t know how long the outbreak and subsequent lockdowns will last (hopefully not long!), but we do have a pretty good idea that the impact will be far reaching for the multifamily industry.

In the meantime, ServusConnect is committed to being as helpful as possible during these times. If you’ve got ideas for additional features that would be relevant, please feel free to email me directly at – we’d love to hear your ideas!

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What we’ve done so far…

Free usage of ServusConnect through Q3-2020

Many, if not most, Multifamily Operators in the US are under growing financial pressure due to the economic impact of the pandemic on resident populations. With Maintenance Teams being in the thick of the COVID-19 response and paper-less work orders now being a critical aspect of safety, we’re making our platform free of charge for any net-new implementations until the end of September 2020.

This is a limited-time, first-come-first-serve offer with no contracts or long-term agreements. Our goal is to make ServusConnect freely available to as many companies/properties as possible as long as we can do a good job for everyone, which includes platform provisioning, user training and on-going support. Please use the link below to schedule a call with one or our team members to learn more.

Connect with our Team

Covid-19 Response & Resource Center

There is a ton of information floating around the internet related to protocols, best-practices & good ideas on keeping residents taken care of and staff safe. Our new COVID-19 Multifamily Operator’s Response & Resource Center is meant to consolidate as much of this info as possible (from a maintenance-perspective) into one location that you can bookmark, refer back to, or share with friends & colleagues.


New Safety & Awareness Features

With Maintenance Teams being in the thick of the COVID-19 response, we’ve made several safety & awareness features to the product. Our goal is to do our part to keep maintenance team members and residents safe & aware when requesting and responding to service requests, and property managers informed.


Quarantine Flagging

1. Quarantine Unit Flagging

This feature will flag a unit that has been identified as having a resident that is under quarantine. When the flag is present, any service request created against the unit (current or future) will prominently display the flag for operations personnel.


Quarantine mapping

2. Quarantine Mapping

Using our ServusInsights business intelligence engine, we’ve added capabilities to visually map quarantine flags. This is done both the property level and the unit level. This is excellent for regional managers and COVID-19 Taskforce teams working to monitor the outbreak within their portfolios.


3. Resident Request Auto-Response

We’ve adapted our resident survey system to proactively sent out Emergency Maintenance Response Updates to residents when they create new service requests. As the onsite maintenance response situation changes, the policy can be actively updated to reflect the changes.

Resident Maintenance Notifications


4. Service Request Re-Prioritization & On-Hold Queue

Operating under emergency maintenance response protocols means not every service request can be addressed right away. But keeping track of them in an orderly fashion is important such that they can be addressed when restrictions ease. We’ve beefed up our re-prioritization capabilities and added an on-hold queue so operators can focus on what’s important right now, while still keeping track of the backlog.

On-Hold & Prioritization